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23 October 2005 @ 07:51 pm

Wasn't there supposed to be some get-together thing here?

I looked around. There was no one, except that stupid robot which I had ordered my pot of sake from.

Sure... Keep everything from Yukishiro Enishi... he's that psycho guy with the white hair and small sunglasses...

I don't even know why I'm stuck on this stupid - what's it called again? Oh yeah. Spaceship. And these "The Management" people. They sound suspicious. They're probably discussing the best method to kill all of us in one go. Though I don't see anyone worth killing... One perverted monk, that bastard's stupid rooster-headed sidekick, some weird guy with oily hair carrying a stick,  an old crone who insists that she can do magic...

Please. These people will kill themselves with their own stupidity before "The Management" even starts conspiring. And being holed up in here with other losers doesn't seem to lengthen their lifeline either...

I stood up, ready to leave and head back to my room, when I thought about my roommate. I have to bunk with Seta Soujiro - the Smiley boy. Great. Like being stuck on Loserville isn't enough. Now, I have to bunk with someone equally, if not more psychotic than me.

Plonking down on the cushioned bar stool, I ordered another pot of sake, and something called "Tequila Sunrise".

It's gonna be a long night...

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22 October 2005 @ 12:28 pm

Anyway, when The Management was in school this week, michy & yingxi came up to The Management and started singing The Zeggy song.Collapse )

And so the Management has decided to make up COWSC songs!

The Sharon song,Collapse )

The Charleen song,Collapse )

The Justine song,Collapse )

The WenQi song,Collapse )

and The Vionna song!Collapse )


20 October 2005 @ 09:35 pm
Everyone is in the main "lobby" of the spaceship looking blur. Suddenly, the PA system *somewhere* crackles to life.

"Greetings to all wronged supporting characters. This is The Management. We are glad that the much-loathed EOYs are over and everyone has managed to survive. Now, we shall announce everything again, just in case some esee-clones are out there and have forgotten.

The Bunk pairings:

Enishi and Soujiro
Tao Ren, Roy and Saitoh
Miroku and Sesshomaru
Snape and Lucius
Voldemort and Darth Vader and Yoda
Kreacher and Gollum
Fred and George
Kikyo and Tomoe
Sanosuke and Yahiko
Foaly and Umbridge
Narcissa and Luna
Saruman and Phikul Thong's fairy godmother
Misao and Aoshi
Ayame and Butler

The Wronged Supporting Characters:

Roy Mustang, Yukishiro Enishi, Seta Soujiro, Tao Ren, Miroku

Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Voldemort, Darth Vader, Yoda

Sesshomaru, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Kikyo, Kreacher

Hajime Saitoh, Sagara Sanosuke, Myojin Yahiko, Foaly, Dolores Umbridge

Narcissa Black, Gollum, Luna Lovegood, Saruman, Phikul Thong's fairy godmother

Yukishiro Tomoe, Makimachi Misao, Shinomori Aoshi, Ayame, Butler

For the rules of the game, please refer to the very first post. And when you are playing a certain character, there should only be ONE character per post, and the userpic should be that of your character.
Remember, you are NOT allowed to influence other people's characters, just your own. And there is no going back in time. There should also at least be a PLOT.

Also, to help you to know each other better, The Management has kindly arranged a get-together tonight at the bar on level 3. This is a chance for you to know each other, and get wasted at the same time! Drinks are allowed to be spiked, and anything T-14 can be done.

Thank you for your kind attention."

Characters look around, still blur...
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16 October 2005 @ 04:10 pm

To all COWSCers and viewers:

The EOYs are starting tomorrow! Run for your lives!!!

Erm, yes! The Management would like to wish everyone good luck for the EOYs! And happy last minute muggings! Remember that after the EOYs are over, COWSC will officially start! So there's something to look forward to! And The Management's not really sure why all the sentences end with an exclamation mark! Must be the influence of the installation art teacher(refer to "chapter one")!

Sighs. Anyway, jia you everyone! Ganbatte ne!

-The Management

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15 October 2005 @ 09:30 pm

The Management has created a COWSC theme song!

COWSC theme song

We are COWSC, hear us moosc

We are twice as tall as you

And we look and smell like honeydew!

Yoghurt, curd, cream cheese and butter

Remind us of vindscheen vipers

We are COWSC, we are COWSC, we are COOO-OWSC!


We are COWSC, smelling jackets

We like going to fish markets

And we're going to lift off in a rocket!

Oh the earth's not getting warmer

From the remains of my dinner

We are COWSC, we are COWSC, we are COOO-OWSC!


We are COWSC, we like things

That are small and taste like beans

And have curls that look like tendrils!

Even though boon likes pink jay

We still think that he is gay

We are COWSC, we are COWSC, we are COOO-OWSC!


We are COWSC, we have fans

Far and wide upon this land

And we like having money to spend!

We drive around in yellow Mustangs

Eating mentos behind our hands

We are COWSC, we are COWSC, we are COOO-OWSC!

End song.

HAHA. The Management is amused.
* hides in a barrel to wait for wq*. Sharon wrote the third verse, not me!


07 October 2005 @ 11:29 am

The Management thinks The Other Management has a weird userpic. The Management likes The Management's userpic better.

The Management is currently on strike. Byebye!

07 October 2005 @ 11:30 am
Hello. This is The Management. Again. The Management would like to inform all characters that ART WILL BE ABOLISHED. The Managment hates art, especially installation art, and does not see the point in it. Therefore, anyone who says "art", "pile of dirt", "installation", etc. will be promptly chucked out of the ship. Or made to bunk with Kreacher and Gollum. Good luck to all, and have fun with your sad pathetic lives.

The Management.
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06 October 2005 @ 09:08 pm

Hello. This is an official announcement.

From this day, hour, minute, second, etc. onwards, I will not be playing Kenji anymore. I have enough angsty characters...

Anyway, instead, I'll be playing Roy Mustang! He's a colonel in Fullmetal Alchemist whose main aim is to rise to the top so that he can make all female military personnel wear miniskirts!

For additional information, please refer to display pic.

Mustang! It's what you do!

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06 October 2005 @ 08:00 am

HEY! The Management is back! well, so technically its not the end of EOYs, but oh well, art sucked (read kerise's journal for details). So, on to the story!

In the art room...

Teacher: Installation art! Is the most wonderful! Interesting! Topic! Of art! It. Is. BEE-YOO-TEE-FOOL! *shows photo of a seemingly artistic pile of dirt*

Yoda: *says wisely* A pile of dirt it is.

Teacher: You can! Stick stuff! In it! To increase its artistic appeal!

Sano: *contentedly sucking on fishbone* I like my fishbone. I will not stick it into the dirt.

Teacher: *ignores* It is Amazing! Don't you! Think so?!!! It is the work! Of the gods! And the...dead people! *hyperventilates*

Enishi: Dead people? Nee-san! She does art? *turns to Tomoe* Nee-san, what is installation art?

Teacher: *overhears* Installation art! Is art! From nature! Put Into! Your everday life!

Yahiko: Like shit? Its nature...and gets put into the toilet bowl!

Fairy godmother: Ting-a-ling-a-ling! *appears with a poof* Installation art is so NOT a miracle! I am the MIRACLE! I know! I shall make a miracle now! WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!

Miroku: A miracle? Can I ask for something then? *perverted grin* I want ALL the beautiful women in the world! Especially the ones with big butts! And make sure that they're all willing to bear my children! Or I'll wind tunnel you!

Fairy godmother: *ignores* Ting-a-ling-a-ling! *a glass shoe pops out*

Miroku: *Rips prayer beads off left hand* Wind tunnel!

Everyone: *Is flung back* AHHHH!

Fairy godmother: Saruman! My dear, please save me!

Yoda: By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes!

Umbridge: Hemhem. Hemhem. Saruman? Who is Saruman? Sexy or not? Hemhem.

Saruman: Here I come my dear! I shall save you and bring you back to Isengard! Oh wait. Isengard's destroyed. Never mind! I shall save you anyway!

Sesshomaru: Unconditioned white hair!? Must! Condition!

Snape: Condtion? I disapprove of condition. I am all natural! *flicks hair back* L'OREAL! Because I'm worth it!

Kikyo: No! Inuyasha's hair was better!

Sesshomaru: *strokes hair* Hmph.

Sano: Wrong, wrong and wrong. Spiky hair is the best! Conditioner is good! Like Herbal Essence, keeps your hair spiky and shiny all day long!

Yahiko: Cheh. What conditioner...I just use saliva!

Lucius: No! Blond hair is better! Blonds have the most fun!

Yoda: Better is no hair.

Foaly: No! Whole body covered with hair is the best!

Tao Ren: Hmph. My hair is the best. One single spike. Eye catching.

Voldemort and Darth Vader: No hair is best!

Saitoh: *puffs on cigarette* Ahous. Crap hair rules, you bakas.

Teacher: Installation art! Hair! You can put! the two together! And form a ...MASTERPIECE! Like you know...the Gatsby advertisement! So artsy! *laughs spasmodically and walks to the table and sticks a pencil in her hair* Hair is artistic! You can! Spike! Shave! Cut! Highlight! Burn it! But we're off topic! Let us do installation art! All group together! And do...an INSTALLATION! What fun! You will have!

Saitoh: *snorts*


[Next chapter: How the COWSC characters get bored to death]


See ya after the EOYs!

18 September 2005 @ 03:11 pm

The Management has decided to inform the general public of a new menace afflicting the Earth: bad literature! The Management feels that it is SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE to protect people from bad literature, because as everyone knows, bad literature can have a terrible impact on the adolescent mind! It is such a waste of precious time and brain space.

This bad piece of work is known as An Inspector Calls. Basically, AIC is a really really bad piece of work from a really really dead guy, JB Priestley. The Management will now proceed to inform you of why AIC sucks.

Basically, AIC sucks because of:

1. SHEILA BIRLING. Sheila Birling is the most irritating character in the bloody book. The Management cannot see how she's being "portrayed in a positive light", seeing how she cries every five pages and every single character minus two hates her. She acts so morally superior that The Management wants to STRANGLE HER after reading that bloody book for 1 hour +.

2. RESPONSIBILITY CRAP. The Management fails to see how Mr Birling can be responsible for causing her death. Maybe The Management is just dumb and cold and uncaring, but if one of The Management's workers go on strike, "it's byebye, start looking for another job dear!". teh wonderrful Mr Birling has the right to fire any damn worker he likes to, ESPECIALLY if he has a good reason eg strike! He did NOT start it, Eva Smith started it herself by going on strike. She could have asked nicely for a pay raise, but no, The Management supposes that she wanted lots of attention so he couldn't refuse her. Isn't that the point of strike? To make a big fuss and get lots of attention and hopefully get what you want in the process. If Mr Birling fired her two whole years ago, then there's no way he can be responsible for causing her to suicide. It is NOT LOGICAL. And yes, Mr Birling is irritating and arrogant, but he is NOT guilty. So there, Priestley!

Gerald croft did NOT contribute to said suicide. Lots of people get dumped by their boyfriends and they're PERFECTLY FINE. Priestley even said in the book that "she knew it wasn't going to last" or something like that, so she has 心里准备and thus Gerald is NOT responsible. If she goes and commits suicide after being dumped that's her problem, and it's not Gerald's fault. Sure, Gerald shouldn't have cheated on Sheila, but it's not the Inspector's problem how many girlfriends Gerald has. Therefore Gerald is not guilty of anything.

Mrs Birling has every right to "deny her charity help" and blah blah, because Eva Smith brought it on herself by telling her a pack of lies at the start of the interview. It UNDERMINES HER CREDIBILITY, and thus Mrs Birling can NOT be blamed for not taking her word for it, since she gives Mrs Birling a very good reason for not believing her in the first place.

So therefore the only people who should be feeling guilty are Sheila and Eric, and since they DO feel guilty, The Management does not see what the problem is that everyone has to go along feeling guilty with them, when they don't need to in the first place.

3. VARIOUS ASSORTED STUFF: This book is so full of socialist propaganda and confucian values crap that The Management wants to SCREAM. And oh btw, did The Management mention that the ending sucks? It is ILLOGICAL and does not resolve the plot. What a waste of the audience's time, to spend like 3 hours watching an unresolved play!

Besides, there is no suspense and tension blah blah in the play. After around 20 pages, the play gets very boring. I mean, do we really care about all the dirty details of some high-class family's life? NO!!! Watching the Inspector make illogical & baseless accusations and listening to Sheila's incessant crying is so irritating. Around the fifth time that Sheila bursts into tears, The Management wanted to fall asleep.

IN CONCLUSION: If The Management was an audience member, The Management would've walked out after 30+ pages. The Management gives this lousy play 0 stars out of five, and The Management SINCERELY HOPES that RGS will choose a better play for the syllabus in the future.Although The Management is not going to take lit next year, the least they can do is not to inflict this torture upon next year's innocent batch of sec 2s.

Bye bye!

15 September 2005 @ 06:16 pm

CLARIFICATION: Ahem. The Management would like to clarify that being bunk mates does NOT mean the characters sleep together. I mean, they sleep together, but they do not sleep together. So, The Management does NOT want to receive any more comments going "EW! Darth Vader/Yoda??!!" or other related comments. Although The Management agrees that Darth/Yoda is ew (900-year age gap! Different species!), The Management already knows that and does not need to receive new comments informing us on the ewness of the bunk pairings. BTW, The Management accepts that there is a possibility that characters who sleep together will end up sleeping together, at least in the case of Snape/Lucius XD.

Sincerely, The Management.

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13 September 2005 @ 10:02 pm


The ship will only take off after Term 4 Week 6 (after EOYs). There will be NO premature take-offs. Or not no one will post and there's no point in taking off. So this thing will be stagnant. Yes. No one is going to post (rite?).

So nothing to see here people. The way out is right there. The small red box with a white cross at the top right of the screen. Bye bye!

The Management.


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13 September 2005 @ 06:29 pm
heyy ppl!
hows the layout? Am i overdoing the orange? bleah. tried to make the bg "spacey". it looks weird...
k. tell me if u guys wanna change anything. i think i finally got a hang of this! Yay.
so thats all, for now.
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13 September 2005 @ 10:16 am

Bunk pairings:

  1. Kenji and Butler (um. wenqi's fault!)
  2. Enishi and Soujiro
  3. Tao Ren and Saitoh
  4. Miroku and Sesshomaru
  5. Snape and Lucius
  6. Voldemort and Darth Vader and Yoda
  7. Kreacher and Gollum
  8. Fred and George
  9. Kikyo and Tomoe
  10. Sanosuke and Yahiko
  11. Foaly and Umbridge
  12. Narcissa and Luna
  13. Saruman and Phikul Thong's fairy godmother (!!!...ask sharon...)
  14. Misao and Aoshi

Role play:

Kenji, Enishi, Soujiro, Tao Ren, Miroku

Snape, Lucius, Voldemort, Darth Vader, Yoda

Sesshomaru, Fred, George, Kikyo, Kreacher

Saitoh, Sanosuke, Yahiko, Foaly, Umbridge

Narcissa, Gollum, Luna, Saruman, Phikul Thong's fairy godmother

Tomoe, Misao, Aoshi, Ayame, Butler

*characters are from Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and um...a Thai fairytale! (namely Phikul Thong's fairy godmother) GAH. stupid sharon.

yep. that's all for now. and meanwhile wenqi and zekgian are arguing over the layout. juveniles...

12 September 2005 @ 09:57 pm


testing 1...

testing 2...

testing 3...


zekgian. 3 words. THIS LAYOUT SUCKS. yepyep get the picture? GOSH. PINK AND WHITE. ugh and double ugh.

wait till december holidays for real updates folks. or perhaps never (if we some how forget). doubt so though, taking into account wenqi's fanaticism over it.

ciao! yes "chao" sharon, wdv.

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